How works:

Rule #1: We only work with females.

The female can choose to work with a guy she knows as well for hardcore photos/videos.

We pay per set which means photos + video. Videos are needed, yes.

A photo set is 50+ photos in order, not 70 random photos. A video is 10-14 minutes or longer.

If we chose to work with you, we have plenty of examples for both videos and photo sets to show you so you know what to do. We are not interested in non-nude photos or videos. We are not interested in artsy photos, (they don’t sell). If you meet our requirements, we contact you within 1-2 days (usually) and offer you a job with us, selling your photos and videos.

Money wise, you can earn anywhere from $500 to $3000 weekly doing this job. We have had one or two girls earn more than that, but they were unemployed and had full time hours to shoot. If that is you as well,  we want to talk to you!

If you’re attractive, fit and easy to work with and you meet our minimum requirements, then you could easily make substantial money with us. We pay quickly as well, same or next day in 95% of the cases. the 5% is when someone uploads content that is blurry or dark and we can’t purchase it.

In a perfect situation, you are an attractive female with a nice figure, a pretty smile looking to make a decent amount of money in a short amount of time.  If you have time to shoot, it’s easy work.

When applying, please make sure you are 1) Naked. 2) Face is shown 3) NO FILTERS.

If you send us blurry snapchat filtered images, we don’t respond.

We’re a business, you’re applying for work, impress us and we hire you. 🙂

We need to see ID and proof it is you before we start buying images.

If you have some questions we have not covered here, check the frequently asked questions page.