How works:

Rule #1: We only work with females. 

The female can choose to work with a guy she knows as well for hardcore photos/videos.

We pay per set which means photos + video.

A photo set is 50+ photos in order, not 70 random photos.

A video is 10-14 minutes or longer.  Videos are needed, yes. (videos are a lot easier than you think and we show you exact samples you can copy.. so don’t overthink this, again, videos are easier to do than photos)

If we chose to work with you, we have plenty of examples for both videos and photo sets to show you so you know what to do.

– We are not interested in non-nude photos or videos.

– We do not buy old photos or videos you have laying around.

– We are not interested in artsy photos, (they don’t sell).

If you meet our requirements, we contact you within 1-5 days (usually) and offer you a job with us, selling your photos and videos. Please make sure you have read the FAQ page as it covers 99% of the questions we’re asked.

When applying, please make sure you include all of the 8 needed photos.

If you are too lazy to take them with your cell, brand new, right now, this job is not for you. Simple.

This is a JOB like anything else and just because you’ll show boobs doesn’t mean we care. We want to work with girls that show they want to make money. We’re all here for the same reason, right?

We’re a business, you’re applying for work, impress us and we hire you. Same as all businesses.

Please make sure you have read the FAQ page