Welcome to the Sell Nudes Frequently Asked Questions Page!

We are looking for the girl next door, photos you take by yourself or with a friend helping you.

Read ALL 15 points. If you skim this, there is a good chance you will not be hired.

1 ) What types of photos do you want or pay the most for?

All photos must have nudity in them and end up with you completely nude.

They do not have to be spread leg or with toys, but of course the further you go the more we pay.

2 ) Do I need to show my face?

YES. Your face must be shown in the images you submit so we can see you.

The images/videos we buy also must have your face in them at least 70% of the time.

It’s easy to find nudity, and even porn online for free.

3 ) Do I need modeling experience?

No modeling experience is necessary and the girls that have made the most with us were new to this.

4 ) I have a lot of photos and videos to sell you!

We only buy new content that is show 100% exclusively for us.

We do not buy older content.

5) Are there age, height or weight requirements?


The weight thing is a touchy topic for many so let’s just cut through the feelings. We are not looking for skinny girls where you can see rib cages etc. If you have an eating disorder, this is not for you. On the opposite end of that spectrum, you know if you’re overweight. We generally do not buy content from overweight women because our buyer does not buy it from us. There is something for everyone online and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes etc etc but this is a paid modeling job. Could you possibly get hired as a swimsuit model for the local bar’s bikini contest on Saturday night? If yes, apply. if no, don’t apply.

6) Is this a one time paying job, or can I do this repeatedly?

This can be a one time paying job or ongoing work, depending on what you look like, and how good the content is.

We have had some girls do this once and that was fine, they paid a bill or got the thrill out of their system. We have others that have been working with us for over 2 years straight now. Again, comes down to your appearance and the quality of your work.

7) What will these photos I send in with my application be used for?

The photographs you submit are for review purposes only.  If we decide to work with you, we purchase brand new photos/videos that you create new and exclusive for us.

8) How and where will my images will be used?

We buy photos and videos and the content is then sold to our main buyer. He runs a small multi model adult website. We change your name and location so your privacy is always safe, he never learns your real identity. We keep the name/location of the website private as well, we do not reveal that to models at any time, for any reason. We do this so is no drama.  Backstory – Two times in the past, a model would be excited about modeling and tell her best friend she was modeling nude on a specific website. The friend would then go and tell others behind her back and that crated drama for the model, and for the website. We have seen it with friends, we have seen it with boyfriends.

Ever since we started a strict privacy rule where nobody gets to know the site, we have had zero issues.

9) Is my name and information safe?

Yes. At all times we protect your name and location. We verify your age, we get a signed model release if we choose to work with you, we’re the only one that sees this.

10) How much money can I make?

You can make an easy $300-$500-$1000 or as much as $3000 – $5000 / week.

Our all time top earning model made over $7500 in one week in the past. (she wanted a new car)

If we work with you, you know the rates before doing any work so you can see if this is worth it for you. You will see what options get what pay, and we will also show you examples you’re able to literally copy if you wish so you know what to do.

11) Can I see some example photos of what you’re looking for?

Yes, models that we decide to work with are shown example photos and videos with the different options we’re looking for. Each option pays differently so you decide what is right for you.

12) Will my real name or location be used online?

NO. Never. Your name and location is private and used only by you when you are confirming who you are to us with your identification. Online your images would be under a modeling name that we assign you that has nothing to do with your real name. A new location and back story is also created.

13) How long does it take to find out if you are interested in working with me?

Only accepted candidates will be contacted by email in approximately 1-5 days from submission. Sometimes we are unsure if your look will work so we send a photo or two to our buyer since he’s the one buying. Sometimes he gets back to us right away, other times it can take a few days. Usually we know right away from years of doing this.

The key to being hired is to make sure you have read this FAQ page and you ARE what we’re looking for. Then when applying, you go out of your way to make sure the images are clear, face shown, nude and you include the “REAL” photos we ask for to verify you. This does NOT mean you will be hired, but if you are hired, it speeds up the process and moves you into our verified category.

14) How do I get started?

First you need to take EIGHT photos to submit for application.

Photos 1 – 5:  1 face shot, 1 fully nude front shot with face, and 1 fully nude back shot. Then two extra photos you feel sell you to us. Show us why we should hire you! NO SNAPCHAT FILTER PHOTOS ACCEPTED.

Photos 6 – 8: You holding a small piece of paper that says “I’m Real!” This verifies we are dealing with the girl in the images. The photos have to be large so we can see it clearly. Small unreadable photos = denial of application. A drivers license or ID photo is not a “I’m Real” sign. If you upload a drivers or passport photo instead, your application stops right there.

Take the time to make the piece of paper. This shows us it is ACTUALLY you and not someone with stolen images of you. Yes, there are people out there with stolen images of others holding their license etc. We’ve seen it all, so our work around is I’m REAL! photos and yes, they separate the real girls from the scam attempts.

No I’m Real!” Photos, no application. Simple.

15) I am afraid someone I know will find out I did this.

Then don’t do this. It’s that simple.

Is it possible a friend or family member, a co-worker or someone you went to school with will somehow stumble across your photos, videos etc online? Of course it is possible but is it likely? That one we can’t answer. Does your friend surf adult websites? Are you aware there are 1.3 billion sites online and your photos would be in one of those?

Live internet stats if are curious: http://www.internetlivestats.com/

Anything is possible, and it you are scared of it happening, this isn’t for you. I myself modeled for four years and was never seen but I also didn’t tell anyone I did this. It sort of comes down to you in a lot of ways. If you have a big mouth and you’re telling people you’re modeling nude etc, then yes that might increases your odds because now someone might be looking for you.

So what happens if someone finds you?  Nothing. The photos/videos are sold, you were paid for a job. You don’t own them or have rights to them once you’re paid. Exactly the same as every modeling photo/video ever shot that you’ve seen before. This isn’t a big deal unless you make it a big deal and even then, the issue is yours, not ours. We have no problem with nudity or porn in general.

If you do, this isn’t for you. Again, simple. Our advice – do what is right for you.

If you don’t send us nude photos, we’re not responding to you.

Remember, this is sellnudes.com, if you’re not nude, we’re not able to offer you work.

Remember, you’re applying for a job with us so try and look sexy.

If you send in blurry or bad photos, we will not be responding.

NO MALES ACCEPTED. (lol, nobody pays for dick pix)

Apply and let’s get started!