What are we looking for?

We are looking for the girl next door. Real women that want to make some extra money posing and having some fun with their cell phone or camera.

We create a 15 question/answer page for our Frequently Asked Questions area that details most of this.

Please read it.

After applying, if we like what we see, we will contact you and send you a longer email that details exactly what we’re doing, what this pays, how you can get started, and we include sample photos/videos as well for you to literally copy if you like. We try and make this as simple as possible because we recognize this is probably new to you.

When you apply, make sure you include all the photos we need including the verification photos. Verification photos do not mean upload a drivers license photos. You must take the time to make a small sign that says I’m real or we will not go further into your application. We have had fraudulent applications where an ex boyfriend had photos of his girlfriend as well as a photo of her holding her license from when she applied for something else online etc, so when we need your actual ID, we will ask for it, but for now, I’m Real! photos do the job.

If accepted and you want to start working, you’ll shoot your sets and we show you where/how to upload them to us.

We go through them, make sure it’s what we agreed upon. If all is fine, we will send you a modeling release and ask for two forms of ID. This is where you’d need photo ID as well as one other piece.  Once the release is printed out, you sign it and send back the ID, we then ask you for your paypal and we pay you.

Most girls are paid same day.

Where do girls screw up when they send in content? They skim the email and they don’t read what we’re looking for. If you skim and miss important things, that’s on you, not us. Pleaser take the 5 minutes to read the long email we send you after you apply, if you are accepted.


Have you read the FAQ page? If not, go read it now, you can apply from there!