Welcome to Sell Nudes requirements page, please make sure you meet these minimum requirements before submitting an application. Also please read the FAQ page to answer questions you might have ahead of time.

You must have photo identification proving who you are.

We require a signed contract giving us full ownership on the images or videos you are selling to us, this legally allows us to use your photos.

We also will need a photo scan of your photo ID to prove that you are over the legal age if we decide to work together.

Please ensure you are the following:

Age: 18-32 years old

Sex: Female

Weight: You should be fit or at very least, average size or height/weight appropriate.

You know if you are overweight or not. 

Tattoos: Girls with tattoos don’t get paid the same amount as girls without tattoos. (industry wide)

Nothing personal, but inked doesn’t sell as well as no ink. (we don’t make the rules for what our clients buy)

Camera: You must have a camera or decent cell phone.

Work Ethic: If you apply to work with us, we will contact you quickly if we want to work with you. You will create photo sets or videos for us and you will be paid the next day.

We’re serious about paying you well for your time, you should be serious about working with us in a quick and timely manner.

If you can meet these simple requirements, go to the sign up form and get started! You could be getting paid tomorrow! Be sure to read the page completely.