Frequently Asked Questions

Not for Everyone

Modeling online is not for everyone, for various reasons. There are a great deal of assumptions of the online adult industry or 'porn' as some might call it. It can be incredible work, earning you some decent money, or it can be the opposite depending on what you're doing, what you expect or the quality of the content you're trying to sell.

We have been working with studios, photographers and lastly, models long enough to know what works and what doesn't. We also have heard the same questions asked hundreds of times so we sort of have an idea of what you might be wondering.

Please read ALL Questions – They WILL Help You!


You don’t. Just as I don’t know initially upon reading your application that you’re not some person that stole photos from some adult website and now you’re going to try and sell them to me. (we make sure you’re not oc course, which you’d know if you’d read this site to this point)

Some trust is required on both of our parts here, but one thing I can tell you that generally people don’t go through this degree of work to see a handful of nude photos when they can see millions online in google for free.

There are millions of photos available for free online, nobody cares about a handful of random photos. 

We’re a business and for the right people, we help you get work.

If that answer isn’t good enough for you, then we wish you well and best of luck in all that you do.

18 years of age or older and yes, we check ID.

On the internet?


To work with us?

Sadly, yes 

We have buyers that are looking for a very specific look, so we cater to that look.

Age: 18-35

Sex: Female or Non Binary with female body parts. (or Girl with her Boyfriend or Girl with her girlfriend)

We do not buy content from males. Sorry guys, rare that anyone pays for peen pix when so many guys send them unsolicited for free. (lol)

Weight: The weight thing is a touchy topic for many so let’s just cut through the feelings. We are not looking for skinny girls where you can see rib cages etc. If you have an eating disorder, this is not for you. On the opposite end of that spectrum, you typically know if you’re overweight. We generally do not buy content from obese women because our buyer does not buy it from us. There is something for everyone online and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes etc etc. There are many venues to sell if this describes you, unfortunately our site is not one.

Could you possibly get hired as a swimsuit model for the local bikini contest? If yes, apply.

Sorry, we only work directly with the girls themselves. That way we know it’s really them and they are earning 100% from their image.

All photos must have nudity in them and end up with you completely nude.

They do not have to be spread leg or with toys, but of course the further you go the more we pay.

We also purchase home sex tapes of girls with their guys, or girls. As long as everyone is 18 and has valid ID ands signs a release, we’re fine. Getting paid to have orgasms is easily the best job!


Your face must be shown in the images you submit when you apply so we can see it is actually you.

The images/videos we buy usually would have your face in them at least 70% of the time.

No modeling experience is necessary and the girls that have made the most with us were new to this industry.

You also don’t need to look like a model.

Sorry, we only buy new content that is show 100% exclusively for us.

Before selling to us, you will sign a model release that says we own exclusive rights to the images/videos you are selling us. 

This can be a one time paying job or ongoing work, depending on what you look like, and how good the content is.

We have had some girls do this once and that was fine, they paid a bill or got the thrill out of their system. We have others that have been working with us for over 2 years straight now. Again, comes down to your appearance and the quality of your work.

The photographs you submit are for review purposes only.

If we decide to work with you, we purchase brand new photos/videos that you create new and exclusive for us.

We change your name and location so your privacy is always safe, the buyer that purchases this content reuns a multi model website with hundreds if not thousands of models. 

They never learn your real identity and we also keep the name/location of the website private as well from you, the model.

We do this to avoid drama.  In the past we had issues because a model was excited about being hired and she told her best friend she was modeling nude online for a specific website.

The “friend” then went and told others behind her back and that created drama for the model, and for the website. It was not fun for anyone other than the “friend” stirring up drama.

Now, we keep your identity private, and we keep their identity private. With both parties safe, there is no drama.

Yes. At all times we protect your name and location. We verify your age, we get a signed model release *only* if we choose to purchase content from you, one woman (me) is the only one that sees this.

You can earn $300-$500-$1000 per week or as much as $3000 – $5000 / week. It very much comes down to how good the content is. The better the quality of the images/videos, the hotness of the content, the more we typically buy.

Our all time top earning model made over $7500 in one week in the past. (she wanted a new car)

If we work with you, you know the rates before doing any work so you can see if this is worth it for you.

You will see what options equal what level of pay, and we will also show you examples so you are able to literally copy if you wish so you know what to do.

Once we decide we want to work with you, we will help you everywhere you need help, all you need to do is ask.

Yes, models that we decide to work with are shown example photos and videos with the different options we’re looking for.

Each option pays differently so you decide what is right for you.

NO. Never. Your name and location is private and used only by you when you are confirming who you are to us with your identification.

Online your images would be under a modeling name that we assign you that has nothing to do with your real name. A new location and back story is also created.

Only accepted candidates will be contacted by email in approximately 1-5 days from submission.

Sometimes we are unsure if your look will work so we send a photo or two to our buyer since he’s the one buying. Sometimes he gets back to us right away, other times it can take a few days. Usually we know right away from years of doing this.

The key to being hired is to make sure you have read this FAQ page and you ARE what we’re looking for.

Then when applying, you go out of your way to make sure the images are clear, face shown, nude and you include the “REAL” photos we ask for to verify you.

This does NOT mean you will be hired, but if you are hired, it speeds up the process and moves you into our verified category.


We of course will need to check ID and have a model release for any people in the images or videos.

We need to make sure you and anyone in the images/videos are of legal age, which is 18 years old or older.

Then don’t model on the internet.

Is it possible a friend or family member, a co-worker or someone you went to school with will somehow stumble across your photos, videos etc online?

Of course it is possible but is it likely? It is if you tell anyone you’re modeling online of course, that speeds up the odds considerably.

Do your friends join adult websites?

Are you aware there are 1.7+ billion sites online and your photos would be in one of those sites.

Live internet stats if are curious: http://www.internetlivestats.com/

Anything is possible, and it you are scared of it happening, this isn’t for you. I myself modeled for four years and was never seen but I also didn’t tell anyone I did this. It sort of comes down to you in a lot of ways. If you have a big mouth and you’re telling people you’re modeling nude etc, then yes that might increases your odds because now someone might be looking for you.

So what happens if someone finds you?  Nothing. The photos/videos are sold, you were paid for a job. You don’t own them or have rights to them once you’re paid. Exactly the same as every modeling photo/video ever shot that you’ve seen before. This isn’t a big deal unless you make it a big deal and even then, the issue is yours, not ours. We have no problem with nudity or porn in general.

If you do, this isn’t for you. Again, simple. Our advice – do what is right for you.

No. In fact we prefer the amateur look!

We rarely work with girls sending in pro work. It’s just not our fanbase, we’re all about YOU and YOU shooting it.

Most newer cell phones have amazing cameras as it is. After you apply, if we decide to work with you we will help you with poses, examples etc so you know exactly what sort of thing we have bought in the past.

YOU ultimately decide what you are comfortable with and YOU will always remain the only person that decides what you shoot or don’t shoot.

The biggest reason girls don’t get applications approved, is usually because they were lazy when they applied.

The name of our site is SellNUDES.com and often we get you applying, sending in clothed photos.

If you apply with clothed photos — we won’t respond

If you apply with Snapchat photos — we won’t respond.

If you’re a guy sending us peen pix — we won’t respond.

If the photos are resized so they are small — we won’t respond.

If the photos are blurry or we can’t see you — we won’t respond.

If you obviously didn’t read this FAQ page or the Requirements Page (click here for that)) — we won’t respond.

(I say obviously didn’t read because there are requirements, and often people don’t read them and send in images we are not looking for.)

Lastly – TRY AND WIN US OVER! This is a job you are applying for with us. We don’t expect anyone to be perfect, nor do we expect your images to be professional. We just expect you to look like you care and like you want to work with us.

When you apply, there is a “additional info” box. 

Enter your question there and we will do our best to answer it for you.

Thank you!

YES. Videos are an important part of what we do but don’t worry, videos are far easier to film than you might think.

We understand you don’t know what to do and that’s sketchy for you. That is why we show you tons of examples so you know what works and what doesn’t.

It’s easy because nobody expects you to get it “right” because there is no such thing as right. There is how you do it, and how she does it, and how that other girl does it. You are all unique, and you are all correct.

Photos are probably the hardest thing to get used to because we’re so hard on ourselves. We shoot photos, then we critique ourselves or compare them to someone else online we saw on insta or somewhere that was using an edited or pinched photo to begin with! lol

Once we have worked with you for 3 sets, if we like what we’re doing we may be able to offer you a different rate for just videos if you find them easier.

A video takes around ten minutes of you getting off. Photos take a little longer of course.

First you need to take EIGHT photos to submit for application.

Don’t send in older photos, you may not look the same as you do today.

^^ This is important. ^^


Photos 1 – 5:  1 face shot, 1 fully nude front shot with face, and 1 fully nude back shot. Then two extra photos you feel sell you to us.

Show us why we should hire you!



Photos 6 – 8: You holding a small piece of paper that says “I’m Real!”

This verifies we are dealing with the girl in the images. The photos have to be large so we can see it clearly.

Small unreadable photos = denial of application.

A driver’s license or ID photo is not a “I’m Real” sign.  If you upload a drivers or passport photo instead, your application stops right there.

Take the time to create this with a the piece of paper. This shows us it is ACTUALLY you and not someone with stolen images of you.

Yes, there are people out there with stolen images of others holding their license etc. We’ve seen it all, so our work around is I’m REAL! photos and yes, they separate the real girls from the scam attempts.

If there are no “I’m Real!” photos, there will not be a reply and your application will be denied.

Is this right for you?

Only you can decide that, but if you want to give it a try, we're here!

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I've been shooting for Amy's company for the past two years now. I wanted something fun and creative I could do from my home. I wanted to be my own boss and create what I wanted to create and thanks to Amy, I have been able to do exactly that. I've explored my own sexuality more in the past two years than I knew possible and maybe the best part is that NOBODY KNOWS I DO THIS!! Thx Amy! <3

Sammi W.
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One last note...

My job is to help you help yourself figure out of this is right for you.


I was a model for many years before having a little one so I know how hard this can be.

Many models do very well online, but not because they're "hot". It's because they enjoy getting paid to explore their wild side.

Are you up for the challenge?

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