Basics, Equipment and Safety


The Basic 5

  • 1) We buy nude photos/videos from you.
    Some girls apply with clothed photos or want us to buy bikini pix. That's not what we do. We buy nude photos, videos, masturbation, even boy/girl or girl/girl content.
  • 2) We do not hire everyone that applies.
    When someone applies, we look at your photo samples you sent in. Those samples will get you hired, or not hired.
  • 3)Apply to work with us with NEW photos for your application.
    We need to know what you look like today, not six months ago.
  • 4) Follow the instructions on the application page.
    On the application page, if the description says "frontal nude with face", that is what we are looking for. If you submit clothed, your application will be ignored. Snapchat photos will be ignored.
  • 5) Verification photos are made when you apply.
    We are asking you to hold a piece of paper that says specific text (seen on apply page), so we know it's really you.


What kind of camera or cell phone do you need to start working with us? Is there anything else that will help you?

Cell Phone

if you have a good cell phone with camera that can shoot photos/videos clearly, that will probably work.


Although not needed, a camera is always going to be better quality than a cell phone if you own one. Flip out screens help HUGE!


If you have light, your photos/videos are clearer than if the room is dark. Lighting is important when creating good content.

Correct Settings

We can help you with correct settings prior to shooting. All we need to know is your mobile type or camera model.


Before we buy content, we of course need to make sure you're you.



Most women that pose nude for photos or videos, don’t want this exposed. They do this for extra cash, maybe a little excitement, but they’re not looking for drama. We do our best to help you avoid issues, but ultimately, there is always a little risk involved.

What Most Models Do

Most girls we work with are very private about what they are doing. They don't tell their friends, because people usually can't be trusted to keep a secret like this. You do what is right for you.

What If Someone Sees Me?

If you are worried someone you know will see you online, you should not do this.

If you are planning on becoming a teacher or lawyer, running for public office.. this is obviously not for you.

Identity Security

We keep your real name and location safe from everyone. Once we have purchased sets from you, we assign a new model name and backstory/location for your content.

More Questions?

We want you to be 100% sure before applying to work with us so we complied a list of Frequently Asked Questions from other girls that applied to work with us. Click below to read those and make sure you are comfortable with everything.